There is no speed limit on the snowmobile trails. Riders need to maintain reasonable and prudent speed for the cur rent conditions, taking the weather, trail conditions, trail traffic, operator skill level and other contributing factors into account. You may see a speed limit sign posted by a club or community, generally to protect trail access or for safety considerations. Please observe these locally posted limits. You do not have the right to operate your snowmobile on someone else’s land if permission for access has not been granted. There are many places where it is just plain illegal to operate a snowmobile in Maine: in cemeteries, near hospitals and churches, too close to private homes, on public sidewalks, etc... Riding is only allowed on power lines and utility corridors if there is an authorized snow mobile trail. Those trails will be marked and appear on a snowmobile trail map. Riding on railroad track rights of way is illegal, the exception would be an authorized trail crossing. Visit the Operation Lifesaver web site, oli.org , for more information. Finally, in light of terrorism, illegal entry, human traffick ing, and drug smuggling concerns, it’s a poor idea to ride the border slash between the US and Canada.

Keep it simple, stick with the marked and groomed snow mobile trails, where landowner permission has already been granted, signs posted and reasonable efforts made to keep the trail free of hazards. Younger operators Younger operators are not legally required to take a safety course before operating a snowmobile in Maine. The MSA strongly encourages that they do so. Be aware that anyone who allows a person under 18 to operate a snowmobile is jointly liable with the minor’s parent or guardian for any resultant damages. All snowmobilers under the age of 18 (operator or pas senger) must wear a helmet. Children under the age of ten who are operating a sled must be accompanied by an adult (under visual-voice control), unless they are riding on their parents’ property with their parents’ permission. Children under the age of 14 may not cross a road maintained for travel while operating a snowmobile. An older operator must cross the sled for them. Operating a snowmobile requires some maturity, skill and strength. Many Maine kids have ridden graduated size

Snowmobile Trail Signage: A sample of some standard signage used on the trails.

Caution-Slow down for a present or upcoming trail hazard

Stop-Come to a complete

Object Marker Be alert to fixed object beside the trail, narrowing passage

Stop Ahead Prepare for an upcoming stop sign

Directional arrow Be prepared for a change in trail direction

Trail Blaze - Consistent

stop before proceeding

marking of designated snowmobile trail



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