Jettys Journal - December 2016


Hello All,

Welcome to our December issue of the Jetty’s Journal, Karen and I would like to wish you all a merry and safe Christmas and a happy New Year. Please let’s all remember that over the Christmas period there will lots of young people in the village so let’s all take extra care whilst driving around the Village. You all would have noticed our electrician and plumber working around various sites throughout the village installing power points, water and sewer connections. This has been brought about, by a council decision to have these services connect- ed to all our sites, both long term and short term, we appreciate your patience dur- ing these installations and the tradesmen tell me they are nearing the completion of the job. Our staff will be repairing the trenches that were dug and we hope to have the village looking it’s best again shortly. We have been holding meetings with our new volunteer wardens over the past few months and we will be looking to hold a practice run of our new procedures early in the new year, more information on this will be in future managers reports. Our no dig gardens are seeking new residents to help share the work and the pro- duce as well. Anyone who is interested should call to the office and we will point you in the right direction for more information. We would recommend everyone to have a walk past the compound and have a look at the gardens, they are in a little corner of the village with plenty of shade, seats and a chook pen (empty at the mo- ment) just begging for attention and care.

Merry Christmas

Karen, John & Staff

Any resident that has something that they wish to contribute to the Jettys Journal, whether a poem, photo’s, jokes, even a story etc, please feel free to email it to the office at any time. or

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December 2016 | Volume 13 | Issue 12

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