C arlos AlexanderMurraywas born inGary, Indiana. In1995, Mr. Murray co- starred in the motion picture Original Gangstas. Captivated by character developments, betweenheroes andvillainspertaining to in-dept schemes and plots, Mr. Murray underwent experimentations of his own writings. Starting with his first trilogy, he creates two opposition books of genre, spiritual and suspense novels. Fifteen Days to an Execution and Remember Me, Vendetta in which, the good and evil of two supernatural characters meet in an end- of-the-world confrontation, in a fictional novel, The Annihilation sequel. The Annihilation is a fast-paced race to save all of humanity. Writing multiple books of all genres, Mr. Murray’s well-written creativities became the voice and source of relaxation by all eager to read and step into his world of mental invention. “My writings helped me get through all pain and adversity as most had abandoned me.”

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