THE ANNIHILATION A nd a deal was made for 30 pieces of gold, “At the moment of Turk Vanhel’s execution, we have arranged for a medical facility aboard a naval carrier to secretly run observations and experiments on the brain anatomy of this psychopathic, violent serial killer…” Minutes before his death, Vanhel is currently given a sedative to increase the full trauma of his electrocution, making it possible for him to be revived promptly after death. However, due to setbacks, unexplained phenomena, lack of funds and emergencies abroad, the experiment has been terminated, therefore leaving the subject in a cryogenic state, in which, he has been forgotten and frozen for the last 50 years. Nevertheless, no one knows that this Turk Vanhel has been to hell and back twice, once before death as an exorcist was performed on Van Hel’s body body to rid his inner demon and secondly after death as the devil demanded his soul to be delivered back to his realm. Yet man will enable Turk Vanhel to walk AS THE TRILOGY UNFOLDS…

amongst the living for a third time. The previous life of Turk Vanhel can be read in the novel entitled, 15 DAYS TO AN EXECUTION. As evil exists in this world, a balance of power which may not always be on the side of good hibernates, however keeps the supernatural horrors of any entity in check. This balance of power is held unwillingly by one known as Carlos Andretti, the protector of all lost spirits, as the soul snatcher known as Turk Vanhel begins to fuel his power by the deaths of his victims in which he will try to unleash a monster from the depths of hell. The previous life of Carlos Andretti can be read in the novel entitled, REMEMBER ME, VENDETTA. MISSY ME, MYA (TRILOGY) In the wild, ghetto streets of poverty, drugs, and violence grew a little, dainty girl called Mya. Living smack dab in the trenches of a fire storm between two rival street mobs, Gangster Disciples and Vice Lords, along with the invading police, this 17-year- old of innocence is pulled into the street game’s grasps. Growing up in a second-


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