hand-furnished, 2- room, project house with her older sister, Yvette, she learns from the mistakes of her immediate family how drugs swiftly leave its followers as casualties of war. Never being the one under the influence of drug’s powerful addiction, the perks of the fast life always seemed to be an option to leave the life of the indigent. Retiring relations from her street, hustling, thug of a boyfriend who is powerful in one of the gangs, she is slowly up-graded by another affluent ex-con who is back on the rise after being released from incarceration. Aggrandized by this power player known as Big Seed, the rakish prop almost finds herself apart of the perfect world she always imagined was out there. Being introduced from rags to riches, bare floors to hand-crafted, marble floors, bumming rides to driving Gallardo’s, and wearing T-shirts, blue jeans, and gym shoes to wearing Moschino bodysuits, and animal skinned-heels, she grows intrigued by the abundance of eye candy presented on a platter to her. Watching the game unfold through the eyes, ears, and assumptions of this lost, young, female called Mya, the street game’s playing field from Miami to Houston, stretching back to the Midwest to her orange, brick apartments is examined under a microscope. Showing the differences in the world of Drug Lords, Shot-Callers, Mini-Ballers, to Gang-Bangers, Hustlers, and the Dope Fiends, who fuel the express of any illegal enterprises precipitating through the cities abroad, the predictions of life are passed out to its contestants like hands in a card game. Going from an L-7 to a street guru by the training of her boyfriend, Mya watches how the pillars of success can quickly come tumbling down, taking with it the

misfortunate in its falling blocks. Learning how the affects of war, snitches, and the police can take a face changing toll on a society, the chance to run things in a divergent manner from the power bestowed upon her forces her to decide between profusion of self and the waving of her wand to bring peace to others. Mya, once as a child known as Missy will be tested to see if her pure heart of kindness can weather the cold storm that lies ahead for any who intend pick up the deck of Trials and Tribulations to play its hand. YOU WILL RECEIVE A FREE COPY WHEN YOU MAKE A GENEROUS DONATION OF ANY AMOUNT. SEND DONATIONS TO: BITTERSWEET PUBLISHING CO. 8500 E. 116TH STREET PO BOX 405 FISHERS, IN 46038 (317) 566-4665


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