RB1 Rat Blaster Varmint Repeller Kit

Ramsey Electronics Model No. RB1

Got a problem with furry intruders in your yard or garden? Here is a professional strength repeller designed to send those pesky critters running with their tails between their legs. A convenient, nature friendly method of keeping animals away from where you don’t want them Ramsey Customer Use Only Not For  Around 4 watts of screaming high frequency audio. Inaudible to humans, but a terror to animals.  3 settings for different levels of coverage  Built-in piezo high efficiency speaker  External trigger input for use with motion sensors and other detectors.  Operates on 9 to 15 volts DC or AC.  LED indicator shows when unit is operating.  Informative manual answers questions on theory, hookups and uses - enhances resale value, too!  Add our rugged metal case for years of outdoor or indoor use. Publication

RB1  1

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