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Copenhagen Property Market Report 2019

requirements. This allows for the construction of efficient facilities standing up to 30 metres tall in selected commercial districts sized for heavy-goods vehicles.

At Køge, Scandinavian Transport Center (STC), continues to attract financially strong tenants looking for logistics facilities. Tenants include PostNord, Lemvigh-Müller, Lidl, DKI Logistics, Netto and pharmaceutical company Nomeco, the latter with a new state-of- the-art facility to handle distribution to the domestic and Nordic markets. At Høje-Taastrup, Copenhagen Markets (Grønttorvet) comprises three large-scale ware- houses with a total roofed-up area of 67,000 sqm on a 220,000 sqm site. It is the largest wholesale marketplace for fruit and vegetables in Scandinavia. At Greve, construction is ongoing on Greve Distribution Center (GDC), a state-of-the-art logistics facility right next to the main motorway on a 230,000 sqm site. The first tenants are expected to move in in early 2019.  Avedøre The industrial district of Avedøre Holme south of Copenhagen is marked by a substan- tial proportion of outdated facilities. Nevertheless, Avedøre Holme benefits from an outstanding location right next to the E20 motorway, effectively cutting transport times to Copenhagen. As the district is somewhat isolated from the surrounding residential areas, environmental concerns are slightly less of an issue. Given its strong logistics location, Avedøre Holme could become a popular district if newbuilding opportunities arise in the future. It is currently being discussed whether to expand Avedøre Holme. Such an expansion could boost the area. In January 2019, a consortium of the Danish Government, the Municipality of Hvidovre and the City of Copenhagen introduced a plan to establish ‘Holmene’, nine islands off Avedøre Holme, with development of the 3.1 million sqm site scheduled to begin in 2022 for completion in 2040. Such an expansion is expected to have a positive effect on the area.  Amager/Kastrup In the Copenhagen area, Copenhagen Airport offers airside lease opportunities for airport-related businesses, a fairly slim market segment, however in strong demand because of increasing air cargo volumes. As part of the expansion of Copenhagen Airport, a new cargo and logistics park is planned on a more than 30 ha site, Airport Business Park. Planning provisions allow for a building height of 22 metres, with no restrictions in terms of volume.

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