Equifest Program 2023

SPECIAL DEMOS Pegasus Riders

The Pegasus Riders are composed of two 11-year old equestrian performers. They specialize in trick riding, roman riding, dance, aerial hammock, and equestrian liberty. These multi-talented kids have performed alongside the nation’s leading equestrian performers and offer polished, fast-paced, dynamic acts that have stunned audiences around the world. At most events, they perform 2-5 acts, much more than many equestrian performers.

These girls are award winning! Maddy Gatrel was the 2019 International Liberty Horse Association Freestyle Youth Division Champion. Liberty Cunningham was the 2021 Dusti Dickerson Trick Riding Competition Youth Division Champion. As a team, the girls were the winner of the 2021 3-C Arena Showcase and the top-scoring trick riding act at the 2021 International Finals Rodeo Contract Act Showcase. Not only are these girls dynamite in the arena or stage, they also are extremely articu late and friendly. They have been clinicians at some of the top equine expos in the nation where their clinics have filled the bleachers and were standing room only. Some of those include Horse World Expo, the Indiana Equine Roundup, North Dakota Horse Expo, American Royal and more. They absolutely love meeting and connecting with the audience. The girls have done many media interviews and promo work including television, news paper, and radio. The Pegasus Riders also have a large social media fan base with more than 35,000 followers. They post daily, including promoting the events they per form. Some of their photos have been shared globally and videos have gotten over 1 million views. The Pegasus Riders were even featured in Cowgirl Magazine in summer 2022.

Some of the Pegasus Riders performances include starring in the evening show at Breyerfest 2022 (produced and directed by Sylvia Zerbini) and the Horse World Expo (directed by Wayne Williams). They’ve also performed at the American Royal, Vegas Tuffest Junior World Championships, Professional Armed Forces World Championship Rodeo, the Hooey Junior Patriot Las Vegas, and numerous rodeos and festivals around the United States.

Thursday: Performance Horses 101, 1:45-2:45, Ag Hall Arena Celebrate EquiFest, 6:00, TPEC Arena

Friday: Roman Riding, 10:00-10:15, TPEC Arena

Saturday: Performance Horses 101, 4:15-5:15, Ag Hall Arena

24 v 2023 EquiFest of Kansas Official Program

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