Equifest Program 2023


Friesian The Friesian horse is best known for its black color and luxurious mane, soft eyes, long flowing tail and feathers on their fetlocks. They are the fairy tale dream horse. The temperament of the Friesian is one of pure kindness, curiosity, and extreme gentle disposition. Friesians are the favorite of horse train ers at exhibition shows because they learn quickly, demonstrating the clinician’s teaching skills, and allow audiences to see their capabilities to take on new tasks quickly. Visit the Royal Friesians in the Stall barn and watch the Breed Showcase daily!

Walkadonk Mini Donkey We are Walkadonk Acres from Missouri, raising mini donkeys for over 23 years. They are so much fun, loving and very smart. We have showed them in competitions, parades, church plays and various outings such as birthday parties, farm festivals, use them for therapy at schools and hospitals and nursing homes. They can be trained to drive after 3 years old, after they reach 32” tall. A true mini is under 36” tall. We love coming to EquiFest of KS and invite you to visit us in the stall barn where you can come play with the babies and learn more.

BLMMustang The Bureau of Land Management manages and protects wild horses and burros on 26.9 million acres of public lands across 10 Western states as part of its mission to administer public lands for a variety of uses. The Wild Horse and Burro Program's goal is to manage healthy wild horses and burros on healthy public rangelands.

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