Equifest Program 2023


A Decade of Derbies! Roll back the clock to 2013, Wichita Coliseum, and here we were “throwin’ dirt” for the first time! EquiFest brought you the first Driving Derby in the United States. There were no rules, just some vague guidelines from a carriage driving official in Canada. The course was made up of several sets of numbered gates and two obstacles (similar to a maze). Go through the numbered gates, navigate through the lettered obstacles, don’t knock off any of the tennis balls from the tops of the cones AND do it as fast as possible! We added all the scores together from all 3 days and came up with pony divi sion and horse division winners. We were the first but certainly not the last! The excitement has caught on and derbies are happening across the country. Come visit at the American Driving Society booth in the 4H building, try a “Trike Derby” and get in on the action! The Driving Derby is scheduled for Thursday March 16 at 11:30am, Friday March 17 at 3:00pm, and Saturday March 18 at 3:00pm.

2023 EquiFest of Kansas Official Program v 31

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