REFLECTION GARDEN FBI Director Christopher Wray in his address at the December 20, 2019 dedication of the Reflection Garden , stated, “The Reflection Garden is dedicated to honor the tradition of selfless service of the entire FBI Family and our Law Enforcement Partners worldwide" . The Refection Garden is a somber space allowing visitors a place for quiet reflection and gathering. The Reflection Space: • Is 14’ high by 23’ wide, three-sided sculpture to represent the partnership the FBI holds with other law enforcement agencies. • 30’ Granite wall is engraved with a quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. • The Reflection Garden houses the relocated 9/11 Memorial which was dedicated by FBINA Session #207. CROSSROADS COURTYARD The recent renovation of the Crossroads Courtyar d provides for wider pedestrian circulation and multi-functional assembly areas. The court- yard, long known to be a cut-through between buildings, now offers brighter, ample, and inviting gathering areas with enhanced lighting and USB charging ports.

Photo Credit: Josh Hart—Victor O’Neill Studios

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