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Howard Cook

T he first quarter of 2020 has been unprecedented to say the least. As an Association, we continue to thrive even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. We will continue to monitor this fluid situation and, as always, keep what is best for our members in the forefront of any future decisions we make as an Association. Every year we look forward to welcoming our FBI National Academy Associates Chapter leaders to Quantico for several days of updates, training, and networking at the annual Chapter Lead- ership Summit recently held in February. It is our chance to bring the Chapter leaders together, along with the Executive Board, for planning and determining the best direction for our Associa- tion. What makes this meeting so unique and productive is that it brings together seasoned Chapter officers who have been in their respective roles for several years with many who are new to their position. It is this balance between our tradition and being open to new ideas and perspectives in a collaborative way that provides the foundation for our continued progress. This year we welcomed representatives from all 48 Chapters to participate in training and updates in the following areas: • Association Financial Overviews • Education & Training Update • Membership Updates • National Office Update • National Academy Update • Legal considerations for Chapters • Leadership Presentation • John Huvane Tunnel to Towers Foundation • Sponsor Chapter Relationships • Running a Successful Chapter Retrainer • Section Breakouts • Social Media Training • Youth Leadership Update • Annual National Conference/International Retrainers Presentations • A Message from the FBINAA Charitable Foundation • Sponsor Expo During the Chapter Leadership Summit , we held the induc- tion ceremony into the Hall of Honor for Captain Vincent Lib- erto . Captain Liberto’s family, FBINA 251 session mates, depart- ment representatives, FBINAA Chapter representatives, Executive Board and Staff, National Academy Staff and FBINA Session 279 were in attendance to pay our respects and honor the sacrifice Captain Liberto made for his community and profession. Please see our Chaplain’s column for a tribute to Captain Vincent “Vin- nie” Liberto, Jr. As we look forward to this coming year, we prepare for what COVID-19 will bring to our communities and first responder family. We also embrace and support our membership and encourage you to stay connected to each other and to your Chapter in the coming months.

For 2020, our focus to is stay connected to the vision of the FBI National Academy Associates. One simple way to do this is to dust off your running shoes as we welcome spring and register for the 2020 FBINAA Virtual Yellow Brick Run . You can complete this 6.1 mile run any way you prefer and can even join together and complete it as a Chapter, all while keeping your social distance. Your $50 registration donation will support the FBINAA Charitable Foundation. Visit our website at www.fbinaa.org for additional information on this virtual event.

Stay safe and healthy,

Howard M. Cook FBINAA Executive Director FBINA #224


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