2040 Comprehensive Plan: Envision Shakopee

NEWHOUSINGDENSITY To address its housing challenges, Shakopee must support the development of a portfolio of housing options that are supported by residents, demanded by the market, and support the goals of the Envision Shakopee Plan. These options range from lower density, high-quality attached homes, to a spectrum of medium- to high-density multifamily housing, between three and six stories. Market dynamics (i.e. market rents compared to construction costs) and resident feedback indicate limited viability of high-rise buildings over seven stories. The City, however, should ensure there are no barriers to higher-density residential construction in key, targeted areas such as along the riverfront, should market conditions change and support more density Further, the City should encourage ground-floor active uses, which can include retail and residential amenities such as gyms, community rooms and co-working spaces to make these buildings connect into walkable neighborhoods. The City should also encourage smaller, multifamily housing such as attached homes, though the highest density should be prioritized in Downtown and near transit Increased density should be approached in a way that does not result in unattractive or uninviting public spaces. Shakopee should develop clear design guidelines that would be calibrated to reflect community expectations and also reflect the current market conditions within the city in order to facilitate quality development while not limiting new construction The increase of density is also an opportunity to use existing infrastructure to its full capacity. This should be advocated for as a means to lower development costs and the tax burden on taxpayers

SUPPORT GROWTH IN TARGETED AREAS The City should respond to residents’ cited desire to preserve and enhance Shakopee’s small-town character and leverage the multiple benefits of housing density and redevelopment opportunities in key areas. New development should be targeted in specific areas to both meet housing needs and maintain the character of the city. Specifically, multifamily housing should be encouraged in Downtown and other key nodes in the community; infill development should be prioritized and supported, and greenfield development should only be allowed for housing that could not otherwise be developed elsewhere in Shakopee. The City should: » » Support density in walkable and amenity-rich areas like downtown through appropriate zoning controls. Increased housing and commercial density in and near Downtown could improve walkability in the area, connecting residents and workers to local shops, businesses, parks and trails. » » Promote in-fill development with housing stock that fits the character of existing neighborhoods through zoning changes, where appropriate, and leverage City-owned land for high-value developments that achieve multiple public benefits, such as expanded housing options, commercial growth, and improved Downtown connectivity. City-owned land should be utilized as a catalyst for development that otherwise could not occur given market conditions. » » Encourage redevelopment or conversions of existing buildings, as opportunities arise. Increased density and redevelopment promotes sustainable fiscal stewardship by more efficiently utilizing City investments, such as expanded utilities, infrastructure and City services. » » Utilize greenfield sites, such as the West End, for strategic growth in which the City prioritizes multifamily housing and expedites approvals and/or provides density bonuses for projects with voluntarily-restricted affordable housing components (e.g. a market-rate multifamily development that contains some dedicated-affordable units).

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