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DECORATEFORYOURBIRTH MONTH Choosing colours for your home based on your birth month is one fun way to come up with unique decor ideas. Born in the festive month of December? Incorporate deep reds, forest greens – even silver – into your spaces. Were you a summer baby? The month of August brings about thoughts of sun and water – think bright yellow and turquoise blue. Whether you want to go all out with paint, or just throw a few pillows and accessories into a more neutral base – here are colour palette ideas for every month of the year.

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• January: Pale blue and bright white. • February: Soft grey and deep blue. • March: A range of greens. • April: Soft pinks and purples. • May: Jewel tones. • June: Violet and hot pink. • July: Red and white.

3 TIPSFORFIRST-TIMELAND BUYERS Whether you’re buying land to build your home on, as an investment, or to set up a business, there are three golden rules all first-time buyers should know. 1. Start with a budget. Land prices will vary based on a multitude of factors. Size, location, whether it has services such as gas and electricity on it – all of these features will influence price. To make sure you don’t get in over your head, come up with a budget and stick to it. 2. Ask questions. Once you’ve found a potential property, start doing research. Look online. Ask neighbours. Ask your agent and the selling agent. Don’t hesitate if you’re wondering about something or make assumptions because the answer seems obvious. 3. Practice patience. Looking for property can be a lengthy process. And it’s better to wait until you find one that fits all of your criteria – or at least comes very close!

• August: Bright yellow and turquoise blue. • September: Mustard yellow and dark grey. • October: Burnt orange and chocolate brown. • November: Earthy neutrals. • December: Deep reds, forest greens and silver.

ARESPORTDRINKSHEALTHY? Aside from water, the ingredients in a sports drink don’t exactly seem healthy. Glucose-fructose syrup and artificial dyes? Don’t nutritionists warn us to stay away from those things? Yet, sports drinks are specially designed to rehydrate athletes via their mix of carbohydrates and electrolytes. So are they “healthy”? The answer is yes… and no. The main components of water, carbs and electrolytes each play important roles in exercise performance. But a lot of sports drinks contain unnecessary ingredients. Thankfully, sports drinks with simpler ingredients – even natural ones – are also available.

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