ParkinsonVoice - Spring 2013 - Volume 5, Issue 1

SPRING2013 Volume 5, Issue 1

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Parkinson’s AwarenessMonth Did you know there are 17,000 Coloradoans living with Parkinson’s disease and approximately 170 individuals in the US are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease daily? April is National Parkinson’s Awareness Month. Throughout the U.S., organizations may urge their community to plant tulips, sign proclamations, wear silver-colored ribbons and more. In Colorado, the Parkinson Association is reaching out into the community to urge restaurants, businesses, individuals and even sports teams to create awareness and show support. Join us at one of the following community events or create your own! April Events 1 • Proclamations Signed by Governor and city Mayors 12 • Managing Parkinson’s Disease, Fort Morgan 17 • bd’s Mongolian Grill PD Night 20 • Clinical Research Forum 23 • Parkinson Association Night at the Rockies 25 • Spaghetti Western Dinner at Atria Inn Lakewood 27 • The Doctor Is In, Roaring Fork Valley For more information please call (303) 830-1839

SettingYour Course: LivingYour Best withParkinson’s Disease By Dr. Monique Giroux, Movement andNeuroperformance Center of Colorado

No one can predict their future but there are important steps to take that will shape and/or direct your future. Like any journey, the first step is to set goals. Learn as much as you can, take deliberate actions step by step, prepare for change and be flexible if you have to change gears mid-stream. The following steps will help you chart your course: Set the Course Knowledge is Power. Learn as much as you can about Parkinson’s symptoms and treatment. Think about how you respond best to a new challenge. Ask yourself if you are someone who does best by learning everything up-front or will more information add worry and stress? If the latter, do you need guidance to help you digest this information in order to formulate a plan for the future? Be Proactive. With this newly gained knowledge you can work on changes today to move your future in a positive direction. • Be in control of your health care. The best medicine is teamwork and you are the captain of your team. Lead the team by understanding

your symptoms and recognize your stress levels. Keep medicine lists and medical history up to date. Organize your medical information and important data in one place so that you can easily access it in years to come. Set Goals. Establish priorities, values and what is important to you. As an individual it is important to first identify, then voice these preferences and goals. Be mindful of the time commitment and set realistic goals. Goals may need to be modified over time; sometimes you may undershoot or overshoot what is possible within your lifestyle. This will keep you moving forward in a positive direction. • Be in charge of your treatment. Take the driver’s seat, not the back seat. Ask questions. Understand why a specific treatment is recommended. Be realistic and honest about what you can do, or simply cannot do. Look beyond just medication or surgery and include personal lifestyle changes that make huge impacts in how you feel now and over time.

You have just received a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease (PD) or perhaps you have been living with PD for many years. Either way, you are probably wondering what steps are important for living your best. Parkinson’s disease is a lifelong journey. Like any journey, there is uncertainty about what lies ahead - concern for how things will change or where your life with PD will take you. This concern is one of the more common questions I hear. As a Movement Disorder Neurologist and Integrative Medicine Specialist, I believe in the power of a proactive and holistic approach to set your course in the best direction.

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