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elcome to the first edition of Earthcare, CHW’s ecological

through air so pristine, so clean and clear one could probably see the outline of mountain ranges in both directions. The days of covered wagons and 20 mule teams are gone. Lives are filled with convenience and disposability and need to propel ourselves from one place to another in conveyances that burn fossil fuels for energy. Our air is laden with pollen, noxious fumes, agricultural grit, and tail pipe emissions from cars, trucks, tractors and other vehicles. Our eyes water and itch, we cough sneeze and take antihistamines by the bottle. In between coughing spells you ask what can just one guy or gal do about it; well consider walking, biking,


newsletter. Our purpose is to expose you, interest you and inform you about issues and actions that will improve our air and water, reduce the landfill burden, and preserve the native beauty of our country by breathing a second or third life into products and materials we use for only seconds then toss away. Our CHW hospitals are located in areas that are graced by the beauty of the desert, the ocean, and pine covered mountains. Most days, many of these wonders are obscured by smoke, car exhaust and agricultural haze. Occasionally I wonder what the first settlers and miners thought when they looked


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