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driving less, drive more efficiently (slower and plan your trip around town), consider purchasing a fuel efficient car, carpool, take public transportation. Support the move toward the Zero Emission Vehicle program or ZEV as it is called. The ZEV plan mandates that after 2005 at least 2% of all new cars sold in California must produce NO tailpipe emissions. So work on a daily basis to reduce, reuse and recycle, commit to living and buying with ecology in mind. Do it for your world and mine and the world of our children. Got a new puppy that needs to be house broken or are you moving? If so, contact one of the staff in your Operating Room and ask for the “blue wrap” that comes off the instruments. Blue wrap is clean, lint free, will not cover your dishes with printers ink like newsprint. It is water and urine resistant for several hours. Most ORs just toss it out in the trash so help reuse and reduce. Some CHW facilities are actually recycling their blue wrap! Factoid

No matter where you live or work waste is a product of life. Paper comprises nearly 42% of all municipal solid waste by weight. Yard waste comprises 14%. Aluminum cans comprise less than 1% of the waste stream and 65% of all cans are being recycled by the general public. Hospital waste accounts for 2% of the nation’s waste - of this blue wrap, surgeon’s gowns and patient drapes contribute 2 % of all hospital waste. Before modern distractions everyone who lived with flowers recognized that some of the flowers opened or closed at the same time each day. Hence the idea of the Victorian clock garden was born. Linnaeus, father of modern plant classification, published a list arranging common flowering plants in an order that could be used as a clock. Flower clocks work in any weather because the photosensitive plants that reflect day length actually take their clue from the length of the night not the day. So with careful study you can plant according to the time of day they open, morning or afternoon, When Flower Gardens Tell Time

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