Access HomeBenefitIQ: The Ultimate Benefit for Your Employees


Residential real estate can represent one of your employee’s most valuable assets. Access HomeBenefitIQ (HBIQ) provides a dedicated team of local experts that stand ready to assist your employees when they are ready to buy, sell, or finance real estate. We provide a bundle of discounted services to help you through a process that we are quite familiar with.

Access HBIQ was created to provide a valuable service to employers, unions, and associations, helping them strengthen relationships with their employees . If you are looking for a way to enhance your benefit package, consider these results : • Offer an additional benefit to employees without increasing overhead. • Easy to implement and requires no additional staffing or resource allocation. • Create more value in a benefit package to improve recruitment and retention. • Employees have full access to a diverse benefit package. • Help meet employee needs for added convenience and a greater work-life balance.

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