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“Not many people know our company operated a branch out of Key West, FL. Yes, Key West, FL. or as I call it paradise, which is where I began my career at Suddath. I began in the old round building, yes the building was round — we then moved to historic Catherine Street — which I still think to this day was haunted. Good haunted, though. Absolutely one of the most interesting and obviously BEST places to live and work...It is closed today, but will never be forgotten!” – Christine Anthony

“When Suddath came to Houston in 1996, I was working for another United agent in sales as the OA move surveyor. Suddath was one of my biggest customers. I enjoyed working with everyone at every branch and knew that the only way I could continue working with them would be to join them. That I did in January of 1997 and never looked back! Thank you for the memories. Suddath is a great company to work for and has been very good to me for the last 18 years.” – Terri Larson

Celebrat Suddat 1919

“My daughter has been very fortunate to have received the Richard H. Suddath Scholarship award to help pay for her post high school education. Without the help from Suddath and this program, she would have needed to work her way through a 4-year degree to pay for her education and instead she is now able to focus on classes and future career. This scholarship has allowed her to use savings that were intended to pay for tuition and study abroad this summer in Spain and further enhance her education on a global level. Thank you to the entire Suddath organization for providing her and my family with this incredible opportunity!” – Don Johnson

“I was thankful and honored to be a part of the team that helped design and

donate two new vehicles for K9s For Warriors.”

– Randy Bruce

“The strangest call I ever got as a coordinator came from one of our Dallas drivers. Frank Albright was loading some items from a residence in the New Orleans area about six months after Hurricane Katrina. He called me to advise that he would not be able to load the swing set from the back yard. It seems that a 4-foot alligator had taken up residence in the swimming pool and was blocking their path to the swing set.” – Alice aka “Alice in Dallas” Sears

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