Opioid Prevention Toolkit

OPIOID & HEROIN AWARENESS TOOLKIT A Prevention Guide for Families

Signs to Look For The duration of a dose of Heroin can last 3-6 hours and be detected up to 2-4 days. Physical and behavioral signs & symptoms of opioid intoxication include: • Constricted/pinpoint pupils • Sweating

• Clouded mental function • Lower body temperature • Euphoria followed by drowsiness • Flushed skin

• Decreased appetite • Dry mouth/thirsty • Itching/scratching

• Slurred speech • Slowed reflexes • Depressed breathing • Asthma attacks in asthmatic individuals that inhale the drug • Decreased heart rate and blood pressure • Suppressed pain • Mood swings • Apathy • Euphoria • Depression • Feeling of heavy limbs • Track marks • Impaired coordination Lifestyle changes that can be related to opioid addiction: • A change in peer group • Missing classes, skipping school or work

Track Marks over 10 days

Fresh Track Marks

Dilated Pupil

• Loss of interest in favorite activities • Deceptive behaviors and dishonest • Trouble in school or with the law • Changes in appetite or sleep patterns

Constricted Pupil

• Lose touch with family member and friends • Money loss, asking for money loans or missing items from family/friends • Stealing from family/friends • Community retail thefts • Community related property crimes



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