Opioid Prevention Toolkit

OPIOID & HEROIN AWARENESS TOOLKIT A Prevention Guide for Families

Wisconsin Good Samaritan Law. Act 200. Any person who renders emergency care at the scene of any emergency or accident in good faith shall be immune from civil liability for his or her acts or omissions in rendering such emergency care. Good Samaritans

Dos and Don’ts in Responding to Opioid Overdose If you or someone you know exhibits any symptoms of an overdose, Call for Help! Dial 911. AN OPIOID OVERDOSE NEEDS IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION All you have to say is: “Someone is not breathing and unresponsive.” Be sure to give a clear address and/or description of your location. • DO support the person’s breathing by administering oxygen or performing rescue breathing. • DO administer naloxone (NARCAN). • DO stay with the person and keep him/her warm.

• DON’T slap or try to forcefully stimulate the person—it will only cause further injury, If you are unable to wake the person by shouting, rubbing your knuckles on the sternum, or light pinching, he or she may be unconscious. • DON’T put the person in a cold bath or shower. This increases the risk of falling, drowning or going into shock. • DON’T inject the person with any substance (salt water, milk, “speed,” heroin, etc). The only safe and appropriate treatment is naloxone. • DON’T try to make the person vomit drugs that he or she may have swallowed. Choking or inhaling vomit into the lungs can cause a fatal injury.

Assembly Bill 447: Provides limited immunity from certain criminal prosecutions for a person who seeks assistance from police or medical professionals for another individual who has overdosed on controlled substances. Act 194

Assembly Bill 446: Provides all levels of EMTs, first responders, police and fire the ability to be trained to administer Naloxone (Narcan). Any person who administers the drug is immune from civil or criminal liability provided their actions are consistent with Wisconsin’s Good Samaritan Law.

OVERDOSE? Call 911 immediately! Without Risk.


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