Opioid Prevention Toolkit

OPIOID & HEROIN AWARENESS TOOLKIT A Prevention Guide for Families

A Local Story

“I had a fairly normal childhood ”

I was born in August 1990 and raised in Waupun, Wisconsin. I had a fairly normal childhood. I grew up playing soccer and hockey just like most kids. However, at a young age I noticed that I had a knack for getting myself into trouble. Around 6 th grade I started to become more rebellious towards school and my parents. From that point on it seemed as though I was attracted to the “wrong crowd” of kids.

Some friends and I decided to try marijuana for the first time when we were in 8 th grade. I immediately felt a boost in my confidence and it made me laugh. By the time I entered high school I already discovered other drugs that made me feel good besides marijuana. After I started experimenting with prescription narcotics I became hooked almost instantly. My addiction progressed throughout high school. During this time my attitude worsened and my grades slipped. Finally in my senior year, I dropped out of hockey and my addiction was in full force. My addiction kept me from holding down a job. I was continuously getting kicked out of my parent’s house. I ended up staying with my grandparents and overstayed my welcome there as well. At that point I had lost all hope and motivation, and I began using as often as I could. Eventually I found myself using heroin. This was a whole new type of destruction that I didn’t know was possible.

Because of my drug use, I disregarded everything besides that drug. I started not taking care of my diabetes and was forced to stay in the hospital multiple times since 2010. I have been to six treatment centers and overdosed four times since 2013. In 2015 I overdosed in a Wal-Mart bathroom. Because of this overdose, I was sentenced to two

“I made the decision that I wanted to put in the effort for a clean life. ”

years of probation. I then relapsed in 2016 while still on probation and turned myself in. I made the decision that I wanted to put in the effort for a clean life. My clean date is April 13 th , 2016. I owe my life to support group meetings and the people within them. I have so much to be thankful for today. I now have had two jobs for over a year, one of which is at a rehab facility. I get to give back the hope that was shown to me when I didn’t know it was possible. Help is out there for anyone suffering if they truly want it. If I was able to turn my life around, anyone can. -Adrian

“ Help is out there for anyone suffering if they truly want it.”


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