2. ( ~ was discreetly presumed to be incompetent, if only from ~ declared i norance. mrtHllft!WfIl.H!m:!t~~~f8H " Civic illiterates~they were dubbed. ivic veg~tables! By nightfall of the day the verdict was brought in, those of

us who hId s id such things vere obliged to eat our v·ords.

11 but


trree of the jury were

ijHKKMHijHRtiMHH~ to talk abou~ their problems

and thei~ view of the case,~nd th. other three ~H did not old out on principle. They were just not t~lkative types. They were qu'te willing to

And what came out of it

have the others speak for the whole twelve.

was a revelation: of a jUIJ r

that had swe'ltod qway for over sixty hours

~O~ p

"' ere inclined to guess

- not,as

, because they v,Pore

and be,,"ildered

A but because tpey did not shirk ranpling with the evidence in each of

363 documAnts.


Ua~ .. r rotil"ed: t) the jurs roO"ftl., ! hey

Ff'Qm-tbe d8 J r

~~~~~~~~~~~. T ey then discussed

svarted each sess'on with a prayer.

the relative force of the HHflPijH evidence given by vritnesses,and the evidence recorded in the oocuments - the lilifJiMJj orders from ,r 1 ort1- 1 s superiors, the ~~~~~~~~ innumerable memoranda shufflinc betwe~n the higher members of the J~ational Security Council and , ~r orth, the rep'Jrts of meetings with the representatives of se eral na~ions, the records of

fund a'sin

occ~sions with individuals, the bilJs and orders


arms to Iran, the secret bank accounts, the tally of monies promised or

As ..,. ~(.MiW!iS:';' everybody -except the jury -

must knov',the main charee against ir .orth ' laS that he had knowingly helpe in se line arms to Iran anc d verting some of the ~ ,~ to-J,e" • ~ J profits to the use of the Contras, at a time v'hen any militaIJ' aid to

the Contras was forbidden by ~ct or Congress.

The jury decided early on to discount for the time being

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