Obtaining a German Driving License


When theoretical and/or practical tests are required: + Application form for new license + Passport + One passport sized photo + Translation of the original driving license + Vision test + Original and copy of national driving license (an international driving license is not sufficient) + Certified participation of first aid course + Registration at a driving school + Confirmation of registration at place of residence (not requested in Frankfurt and Wiesbaden) + After application for the German license: driving lessons, theoretical and/or practical tests in the driving school Estimated Costs* + Translation of original driver’s license at the ADAC: Fee: € 45 to € 80 (depending on the language) + Application for new license: Fee: around € 50 + Confirmation of registration at place of residence by registration office. Fee: € 10 (unless place of residence is Frankfurt or Wiesbaden) + Vision test: around € 20 (at any optician) + First Aid Course at the Red Cross or “Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund”: Fee: around € 30 (in German), around € 40 (in English) at a driving school + Registration at driving school: Fee: € 150 (transfer of license without lessons) to € 350 (incl. theoretical lessons) + Driving lessons (45 min): Fee: € 40 (in German), € 50 (foreign language); Total number of lessons to be taken depends on driver’s ability, generally 4-6 lessons are required. Fee: € 50 (in German), € 60 (foreign language) for motorway, overland or night lessons + Theoretical test: Fee: around € 90 for the test plus € 170 for foreign language study material in English, French, and other major languages. Prices for other languages upon request. + Practical test: Fee: around € 120 (in German), € 140 (foreign language) The total cost for obtaining a German driving license amounts to a minimum of approx. 1,000 € if you have to pass both theoretical and practical tests. The costs can be higher, depending on location and individual situation. Please note that by German law we are not authorized to give legal advice. This information is based on our previous experience in this regard. However, we must point out that we cannot accept any liability for it. * March 2018 (stated costs are average amounts, as they can vary regionally)

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