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Spring2014,Vol. 32No. 2

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Spotlight on Innovation CityofPeruCatchesNationalAttention withCompleteStreetsPolicy

1 PeruCatchesNational

AttentionwithComplete Streets

Mayor JamesWalkerwassimply look- ing foraway to improve thequalityof life forPeru residentswhenhe initiated aCompleteStreetspolicy forhiscity. Littledidheknow that the resulting policywouldbenamed the#2Complete StreetsPlan in theNation for2013. “Wehaveanaging infrastructure just likeanyother community,”Mayor Walker says. Rather than just repairing and replacingwhat currentlyexists, however, hewanted toalter the city’s transportation infrastructure to im- proveaccessibility for all citizens. In addition to increasingADA compli- ance,Walkerwanted todevelopop- tions for transportationother than cars. “Wehave a lot of peopleusingbikes inour communitybecause theNickel PlateTrail ishere,”hepoints out. The Cityof Peru lies in thepathof this trail, andvisitorswhowish to con- tinueonto thenext portionof the trail must pass through the city streets. ”To get them to come intoour community, wehave todemonstrate that these

are safe routes for ridingyour bike.” MayorWalker alsowanted to establish groundwork for amore active com- munityoverall. “Health is abig issue. Ifwe look at obesitynumbers, they are staggering.” Developing thePolicy With theExecutiveDirector of Peru’s YMCA,MarkDemchak,Mayor Walker exploredoptions for improv- ing the city’s transportation infrastruc- ture. Together, theydecided that the CompleteStreetsprogramwouldbe agoodfit for Peru. To securepublic support for this initiative, cityofficials held apublicmeeting so community membershad theopportunity to learn about theCompleteStreetsprogram andPeru’splans for improving the roads. From there, theCityCouncil unanimouslypassed anordinance to establish aCompleteStreetspolicy. The completedpolicywas submit- ted to theNationalCompleteStreets Coalition for review.With the

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