The Rosarian Recorder No4

Derek Waller – leaving year 1961.

Where are they now?

1954 – 1961 attended the (then) Rickmansworth Grammar School. Year it opened. Caned by the headmaster for kicking a football through a window, talking, and often being late for school. But was eventually made a prefect! 1961 – 1968: Read chemical engineering at Newcastle upon Tyne, University. Received B.Sc. and Ph.D. 1968 – 197: Engineer with Caltex (subsidiary of Chevron) and Prichard-Rhodes. Included over a year working in Turkey 1971: Sailed alone to New York on the QE-II; Bummed around for a few months in USA and Canada 1972 – 1986: Engineering and construction with C.F. Braun and Santa Fe Drilling in Los Angeles, California

Richard Watson—Leaving year 2005.

Current Job/Course Title? Aerospace Development Engineer.

I left with good A levels in Physics, Maths and Chemistry but like most young people I didn't know what I wanted to do. After much deliberation which included looking into the Royal Navy and a job in Halfords, I decided to go to University. In 2006, with the help of staff at Rickmansworth school, I enrolled in a Mechanical Engineering course at Brunel University which I completed in 2011. Upon graduation from my degree I again wasn't sure what to do with myself especially as at the time the job market was limited due to the recession. I opted to undertake a PhD in Materials engineering at Manchester University which I have recently completed. After 9 very fun years at University I have just started an amazing job as a Development engineer working on 3D printing metal parts for aircraft engines and formula One cars. One of my fondest memories of school was during chemistry where we were having a "lesson" on how to make a rudimentary form of gun powder. I must stress what we were making wasn't explosive, but if lit it would burn brightly and spark similar to a firework. Unfortunately the teacher (who shall remain nameless) got the quantity slightly wrong. When they lit the powder the whole thing went up in billowing smoke and glowing light filling the whole room so that you couldn't see more than a meter or two in front of you. this obviously immediately set the fire alarms off, causing the whole science department to be evacuated.

1986 – 1989: Professor in Business at various universities in Southern California

1989 – 2008: Professor in Business at E.M. Lyon, France. Author of two textbooks; Operations and Supply Chain Management; Applied Statistics for Business. Although retired give classes at the American University, Lyon in Business Statistics and Quantitative Management Methods.

Currently living in France.

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