Head's Newsletter 8 July 2016

of term, before returning to sing at the Proms in the Royal Albert Hall at the end of July! Before then the choir have a crucial role to play at Founders’ Day, held at All Saints Kingston, when we celebrate the founding of the School by the Tiffin brothers in the seventeenth century. Other trips in this newsletter include the Year 10 trip to Ypres and the Year 12 Biology field trip to Wales, both of which were most successful. Also on performing arts, you can read about the terrific work of our dancers in the different venues and formats that they have been performing in. It has also been great to recognise not only the achievements of boys in the co-curricular activities, but also the fantastic academic achievements in our end of year Awards Ceremonies for each year group. The final ceremony, for Year 10, takes place on Tuesday. The awards recognise excellent achievement in work throughout the year in different subjects, but especially in the exams, as well as those pupils who have shown the most progress. As this year draws to a close I would like to thank all parents for their support for the School as well as the staff for the terrific commitment and dedication they show to the boys’ progress and achievement in all areas of school life. We say goodbye to a

small number of teaching staff this year including Ms Monroe, Mrs Rehlon, Ms Phillips, Mrs Warne and Mr Mackula, as well as some Associate Staff including Mrs Camporeale, Miss Jeeves, Mrs Madle, Miss Line & Mrs Gall. We thank them all for their efforts and contributions to Tiffin and wish them all the best for their future endeavours. Autumn term commences in September with our usual staggering of start dates for different year groups. Except for rugby teams and the cross country squad, boys in Years 8 to 11 will start back on Thursday, 8 September. Years 7 and 12 start on Tuesday 6 September and Year 13 return on Wednesday 7 September. Please see the dates below. We look forward in particular next year to starting construction on our building, seeing our House system expand, and most importantly encouraging our boys to once again make the most of the fantastic opportunities available to them in all areas of School life here at Tiffin. I wish all boys and their families a very enjoyable summer holiday. Yours,

M D Gascoigne


Rugby teams from Year 8 upwards at Grist’s; Cross- Country practices at School, both from 1.50 pm. No other boys in School Year 7 and Year 12 required in School from 8.30 am Year 13 required in School for 1 to 1 appointments with tutors. Year 12 required at Grist’s from 8.30 am. Year 7 required from 8.30 until 1.30 in School All year groups required in School for a 9.20 start in form groups

Monday 5 September

Tuesday 6 September Wednesday 7 September

Thursday 8 September

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