B esides being an accomplished web author, Lydia Greico has a Master’s degree in Occupational Studies from California State University at Long Beach inCalifornia. Her specialty is inCurriculum and Instruction and she has developed the pharmacology curriculum used in a local Regional Occupational Center. It has been in place for about 4 years. She is also a Registered Pharmacy Technician and has been, for 12 years and a Licensed Psychiatric Technician for the past 28 years. She has been teaching new incoming students in the Psychiatric Technician programs at the local colleges as they come into their clinical rotations at the hospital where she is employed. She has seen many students struggle with pharmacology and thought it was about time someone would author a book that would make the class less intimidating. She, too, had trouble with pharmacology and now these new alternative teaching methods have been tested and practiced on her own students. Their grades have improved and the pass rates in the class have soared! LYDIA GREICO M.A.

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