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Employee of the Year Puts People First W hen Cathy Joseph looks back over the four-and-a-ha lf years she has worked at USD, her fondest recol- Joseph's caring attitude on the job is sim- ply an extension of the philosophy she brings to all aspects of her life. She teaches CCD classes and is part-time coordinator of

Hal Holbrook to Appear Actor Hal Holbrook will appear at USD on Friday, Sept. 16, at 8 p.m. , in a bene- fit for the Professor Joanne Dempsey Memorial Fund. The program will be followed by a reception with Mr. Holbrook. Tickets are $25 for the program and $100 for the program and reception . The university center box office has performance-only tickets. Call ext. 4805 for reception reservations . Fall Masses Scheduled The Campus Ministry office has scheduled two special Masses for September. The Mass of the Holy Spirit will be celebrated on Friday, Sept. 9, at noon in The lmmaculata. On Friday, Sept. 16, a Spanish Mass in celebration of Mexican Independence will be offered at 12:20 p.m. in Founders Chapel. Spanish Bible Study Offered Sister Alicia Sarre, RSCJ , will conduct a Bible study group in Spanish this fall. The group will meet every Monday, beginning immediately, from 3:30-4:30 p.m. in Founders Hall , room 128. For more information, contact Sister Sarre at 299-3639. Estudio de la Biblia en Espanol La Hermana Alicia Sarre las invita a estudiar la Biblia en espanol, las lunes, de 3:30 a 4:30, en Founders 128, empezando ahora. Patrocinado par Campus Ministry.

lection is of her very first day. "When I came here, it was probably one of the best days of my life," says Joseph, a facu lty secretary in the communications studies department. "I fe lt like queen for the day, because I really was treated like some- one special." Since that first day, Joseph - who was named USD's Emp loyee of the Year and

rel igious programs at St. Therese parish, where she worked prior to her arrival at USD. And although there are about a dozen faculty members to he lp in the communica- t ions stud ies department, they may be slightly outnumbered by the popu lation at Joseph's home: her husband, three sons, 11 canaries, a cockatoo, a cat and a dog.

rece ived the award at the Employee Appre- ciation Picnic in June - has spread that feel- ing by making just about . everybody she meets feel special, too. "Amazingly enough, it seems that a large number of our majors know Cathy, and she knows them by name," said Linda Perry, head of the communications studies department, in nominating Joseph for the award. "Students appreciate her so much that they stop by the office just to say 'Hi' to her. I' ll ask if they want

Cathy ]oseph (right) poses at commencement with her good friend Michelle Zyromski '94. Zyromski, who was a communications studies major and the 1994 valedictorian, still corresponds with Joseph and told her in a recent let- ter that "your friendship was the best thing that happened to me at USD."

"I guess I'm just a lover of people, animals and plants, as you can see," she laughs, ges- turing to the various potted beings that adorn her office. The plants are just one part of a backdrop that tells volumes about Joseph's life, including pictures of her fami ly, friends, and another important part of her life, her horse, Shorty. "Shorty is my eighth horse," says Joseph, (Continued on page 2)

to see me and they respond, 'No, I'm here to see Cathy."' But to Joseph, the amazing part is be ing praised for something that comes naturally. "I rea lly enjoy all the interaction I have with the students," she says. "I love them all, and some of them even call me 'mom.' Mak ing sure that the students and facu lty are happy is the most rewarding part of my job."

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