Key Largo Chamber

April 2018 Vol. 19 No. 4

Chairman’s Report: The Mouse that Roared

beauty, adventure and excitement that is yours as you travel the length of US1, an All American Highway, the only one in our sunshine state and one of 16 such roads in the nation. With all this going for us, why are we not twice our current size, and how come we do not have a thousand members? Well, we are in the process of changing this equation during my tenure and beyond. I intend to speed up the process and have made this the first core goal of my time as Chairman. But I can’t do this by myself, I need your help. Every member should bring a fellow business to our Chamber. Every Board member needs to make the commitment to bring new members. It is unimaginable to me that we do not have roofers, and other trades represented in our Chamber. We have a very small segment of professional practices represented. How can this be? When I buy local, I tell the business that I patronize that I do repeat business with Chamber members because the Chamber is the one organization that represents me as a local business. Please, I would like to continue being your client, join the Chamber. We have great plans for our future. As I mention earlier, we are the trailhead of the one road that bind us

and we are going to build that future on that concept, but we need to speak with a louder voice. We can only do that if we speak for a larger group in our business community. Folks, we need more members, and there is no way around that. Last year we grew at a 7% clip net of attrition. Very good after years of either no growth or decline. We need to grow this year by 30% net of attrition to get us heading in the right direction. We want all the good things we have planned for the Chamber to come to fruition, and in our lifetimes! One lifetime. Once. Live it! Visit the trailhead of the Fabulous Florida Keys.

Photo by Luis Melendi, Melendi Photography.

Roberto Alonso Chairman of the Board Key Largo Chamber of Commerce

I have always been a fan of the theater and there is a Spanish play, The Mouse that Roared, or some such title, and it’s premise always impressed me. The ability to portray power beyond your appearance and size. We at the Chamber we are a membership 501(c)(6) organization and as such the welfare of our members is our most important priority. This is more so because we are geographically located in an unincorporated area of Monroe County. To this factual mix is added another interesting ingredient, we are the trailhead to the Fabulous Florida Keys. The gatekeepers, if you will, to the

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