Administrative Services

136 Services held at City Cemetery

processed 457 job applications

$20,000 health care savings by earning wellcity award 1, 086,900 impressions on Twitter 20,183 times e-news read 277,496 views to city website 4,038 times public notice emails read 3,146 views on youtube 500 followers on instagram 73 people attended sumner university

Double the impressions on Twitter over last year

Police Department

15,868 calls for service 1,913 reports written 482 arrests 3,073 vehicle stops

250,909 emails sent & received by city accounts

42% increase in park- ing infractions

1,236 traffic citations & infractions 1,139 parking infractions issued

Community Development

286 accidents investigated 36 impaired drivers arrested 627 lbs unused prescriptions safely destroyed

334 building permits issued $30.8 Million value of projects permitted $3.8 Million permit fees collected 148,278 sf new commercial building space

Public Works

26 new single-family residential 1.3 M sf tenant improvements to existing buildings AVERAGE BUILDING PERMIT REVIEWTIMES 29 days commercial 26 days tenant improvements 16 days single family residential

34% shorter review time for com- mercial permits

108.4 miles of water pipeline 63.9 miles of sewer pipeline

105 tons of grass, leaves & prunings 29 tons of pot-hole patch used 400 new street signs installed 3400 street signs inspected 124.5 lane miles of public streets 7.9 miles of bike lanes 9.9 miles of trail 5 water storage tanks 4 springs, 4 wells 28.46 acres of parks 16 pump stations 25 acres of cemetery 16 miles of fish-bearing streams 1,115 sewer manholes 108 tons of asphalt used for utility & small road repairs 313 tons of street sweepings

1112 fire hydrants

55.2 miles of stormwater pipeline 3,856 stormwater catch basins 60 city-maintained storm facilities 759 stormwater manholes 813 tons of gravel used for utility repairs, street shoulders and alleys 113 tons catch basin cleanings

Metro Animal Services

5300 miles spider excavator traveled

3,099 calls for service 9,273 human visitors

45% increase in gravel used for repairs, alleys etc

445 pets adopted to new families 308 lost pets returned to owners 4,647 pets licensed in metro’s 7 cities 584 warnings given for minor violations 40+ volunteers provided 4,477 hours valued at $134,489

Inspected 254 private storm facilities

2500 trees & plants added along waterways

More 2017 Highlights on pages 2 and 3

Meetings on the Move

Public Notices Improve with theTimes

Council Meetings are moving to 6 pm on the first and third Mondays of the month (except in the case of a Monday holiday). This makes it easier to remember Council meetings as they will now all start at 6 pm. The first and third Monday remains a regular meeting with action taken and public com- ment while the second and fourth Monday remains a study session, open to the public but with no comment period.

Hear ye...hear ye....public notices are a tradition for government to update you. In today’s city government, public notices tell you when something is changing with a piece of land--whether we’ve received a permit to build, to demolish, to change zoning, etc. There are a number

of improved, digitally focused ways you can get notices: • The traditional yellow sign goes up on the property.

• The notice is published on the City website at www.sumnerwa.gov. • For certain changes, properties within 500’ get a postcard mailing.

WHAT’S NEXT: Up- dated calendars are available on the website at www. sumnerwa.gov. Each specific meeting’s agenda packet goes online theWednesday before the meeting.

• The notice is published on the state-wide website: www.wapublicnotices.com through the Bonney Lake Sumner Courier Herald. You can also access via their website at www.courier- herald.com under Menu, Classifieds, Legal Notices. • You can sign up to receive an email for every public notice. Just go to the City website at www.sumnerwa.gov and click “Get E-news.” You can sign up for the weekly e-news, for public notices or both!

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