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Special thanks to Human Resources, Publications, the Bookstore and the judges: Roger Manion, Rudy Spano and Judith Munoz.

0 0 K y Contestants eagerly await the decision of the judges in the 5th annual Employee Halloween Costume Contest. s p I R I T s Nancy Olson clowned her way to first prize for the second year in a row.

Myra Amerson and Gloria Rodrigues won first prize in the group division for their version ofa pumpkin patch. Jill Decker "vamped"" her way to second prize and Maria Becker charmed her way to third.

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Asked about his long-range plans at Alcala Park, Dr. Malachowski says, "I really enjoy my work. There hasn't been a day that I've dreaded coming to work. I want to continue what I have been doing -- doing what I enjoy and working hard at it." Just A Reminder Data Processing's Dorothy Thomas will offer an advanced WordPerfect class from 9 - 11 a.m on Nov. 15. The class will be held in DeSales 220. If you are interested in attending a dBASE III class after Jan. 1, call Dorothy at ext. 4653.

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"Also, a good deal of this job is dealing with students. Mostly questions about transcripts, credits, transfer evaluations and graduation requirements," he adds. After five, the easygoing Dr. Malachowski utilizes his leadership skills on the basketball court and the softball field. For three of the past four years, he has led an arts and sciences in- tramural basketball team to the cham- pionships of the faculty/staff league. Currently he is a member of a success- ful intramural faculty/staff softball team.

Laura Norton, daughter of Kay Norton , administrative assistant, Registrar's Office, in September. Marjorie Fields, mother of Dr. Jeremy Fields, associate professor of biology, in September. Dr. Joseph McKay, father of Fr. Michael McKay, university chaplain, in October. Carolyn Adams, daughter of Kathy Law, admissions coordinator, School of Law, in October.

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