Interesting Articles - October (2018)


J apan ’ s tourist numbers drop for first time in 5 years IThe number of foreign tourists to Japan dropped 5.3% for the first time in more than five years during September, as an earthquake and typhoon brought a temporary halt to travel in some of the country’s top destinations. Read more S audi A rabia launches new tourist visa for events From December 2018, Saudi Arabia will begin offering visas to people who want to visit the kingdom for sporting events and concerts, and it will allow international motorsport fans to travel to the first-ever Middle East Formula E Prix. Read more C hina has a big weapon that it hasn ’ t used in the trade war - yet . T ourists . Chinese airline reservations to U.S. destinations dropped 42 percent for the first week of October, a national holiday that normally means increased outbound trips,

according to Skyscanner. Launching a boycott against the United States would risk alienating millions of middle-class Chinese who put a premium on American education and thirst for American vacations.. Read more O ctober 2018 was best ever month for I srael ’ s tourism industry The Ministry of Tourism in Israel released a report stating that more tourists had visit- ed Israel in October than ever before, with a total of about 486,000 registered entries to the country. This represents a 19% increase of April 2018 numbers, which held the previ- ous record for tourist entrances. Read more C uba ’ s doors are open , opportunities await tour operators While international travel is often exciting, perhaps stressful, and hopefully eye-opening, it can also be confusing and challenging. The deluge of world news notifications on our de- vices, and advisories from the U.S. State De- partment can lead to unnecessary trip cancel- lations and postponements. Read more


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