UVA Community Credit Union Online Banking v4.0

transactions: Member-to-Member Transfer

With our Member to Member transfer feature, you can choose to make a single transfer to another member or link another member’s account (for deposit purposes only). If you plan to make more than one transfer to the other member, or if you need to create a recurring or future-dated transfer, linking the account is required.

Member-to-Member Transfers require you to share your account number with the other member involved. 1. Choose “Make a single

transfer to another member” if you are planning on this being your only transfer to this member. Choose “Link the other member’s account to your login for later use” if you plan to make other transfers to this member in the future. selection a new screen will appear asking for more information for your transfer. To initiate a transfer, you will need the six digit account number, the account suffix (confirm with the other member what to use for the suffix), and the first three letters of the last name (example; “SMI” “Jr”, or “LLC”).

2. Based on your

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