Alternator & Starters Jan 2017 SR

Euro Car Parts have the Solution, if you have the Problem.

The Problem The cold winter weather really tests the performance of a vehicles’ starting/charging system. A marginal or failing battery will also increase the strain and load on the other components in the electrical system of the vehicle, such as starters and/or alternators. The starter relies on a fully charged battery to supply the required current to start the vehicle. The alternator is designed to keep the battery in a full state of charge, it is not designed to continually recharge the battery from a completely depleted state. Continual operation of the alternator & starter motor under these conditions can cause premature failure of these units. We recommend keeping the electrical system of your vehicle in good shape with regular testing and inspections of the starting/charging system. The Euro Car Parts Solution Range 3000 part numbers stocked, with an additional 2300 part numbers available via special orders From the early inertia starter or dynamo to the very latest in stop/start or STARS technology, Euro Car Parts stock the UK’s largest range of starter motors and alternators from the world’s leading manufacturers. Offering the perfect choice for virtually all kinds of vehicle requirements. Brand Price Match We will brand match prices on Starters and Alternators. Now available with Lifetime Warranty call your local branch for more details.


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