CPL renewal cover letter 2018

Handgun Training Specialists Practical and Tactical Handgun Training 248-844-8274 Michigan CPL Renewal

This is in response to your request for information regarding the Michigan CPL renewal

CPL Renewal Program Overview a. The state of Michigan does not produce a renewal training syllabus or require a specific course of training. b. When signing the renewal form the applicant is attesting to the fact that he/she has completed the training as stated below in c. Applicant shall present a statement signed by the applicant certifying that he/she has completed at least: 1. Three (3) hours of review of the "required" pistol safety training course and 2. Has at least (1) hour of firing range time within in the 6 months immediately preceding the renewal application. Required meaning to have the same knowledge level as required in a current CPL training program current original applicant. At least one hour at the range - means shooting skills required for the initial applicant. Our Program Advantage The academic training is available as a on line web-based program or by attending the renewal part of an original CPL course 1. Offers the renewal applicant a structured, organized training syllabus with a written test and 3. All our programs contain the CPL laws including updates and amendments. 4. The online program is for “the 3 hours of required academic training” training. 5. The range time can be done as a separate part with or without an instructor. 6. We supply on line renewal applicants with a recommended course of fire and range completion form (optional) to be completed by the applicant and range operator certificate of completion to validate compliance. 2. There are training five options to choose from.


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