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UNWTO W elcomes C hina ’ s D ecision to M ake T ourism a T ool to F ight P overty In a recent meeting with Chinese tourism authorities, UNWTO Secretary-General, Taleb Rifai, welcomed China’s continued recognition of tourism as an effective development tool as well as its special focus on rural tourism. Data from Chinese tourism authorities show that between 2011 and 2014, more than 10 million people, or 10% of the poverty-stricken population, were lifted out of poverty through tourism. Read more B angkok B last T hreatens R enewed P ain for T hai E conomy A bomb that ripped through a religious shrine in Bangkok’s commercial heart, could deal a heavy blow to a tourism sector that has been one of the few recent bright spots for Thailand’s struggling economy. Read more T errorism I mpact on T unisia A ir T raffic F low

rorism impact on international air passenger traffic to Tunisia. It analyses weekly booking patterns to Tunisia and also forward looking arrivals until the end of 2015. Read more A rt T ourism : H ospitality F inds I tself in the F rame What’s the biggest trend in hospitality and tourism just now? Let’s ignore all the usual breathless predictions about “connectivity” and “web-based interactions” there’s something bigger. Art. Even that most neutral of international spaces, the airport lounge, is getting arty. Read more H ow C an W e S atisfy O ur D esire for A uthenticity ? Research tells us that millennials, that bur- geoning group of 20-somethings with money to spend and the inherent right to travel, value the ‘authentic’ experience almost above any- thing else. And there have been many articles, both academic and in the media, that explore the nature and possibility of a truly ‘authentic’ experience. Read more

Forward Keys provides insight into the ter-



E xpo M ilano S ees S ix M illion G uests in F irst T wo M onths Three numbers are essential to understand fullythepositivepublicpresenceatExpoMilano 2015. The first number refers to the tickets covered by guaranteed sales agreements, the tickets that have already been issued and the entrances at the turnstiles. Read more A ccessible T ourism in E urope : A P erformance C heck This is the Final Report of awide-ranging study of accessible tourism supply, commissioned by the EC TourismUnit and conducted in 2013- 2014. Data was collected by means of visitor and supplier surveys, national legislation and expert reviews in the 28 EU Member States and others. Read more T urkish T ourism D irector on S impler B rand M essaging Istanbul seems to appear towards the top of most aspiring travellers’ bucket lists today.

Drawn by colourful images of architecture, and the possibility of tasting local cuisine, visitors to Turkey have increased significantly in recent years. Skift recently spoke with Irfan Onal, the director at the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, about the organization’s marketing efforts, social media strategy and on-the-ground relationships. Read more 2014 E uropean F air S tatistics P rovide C ertified F igures for 23 C ountries The latest edition of the Euro Fair Statistics report contains the certified statistics of 2,321 exhibitions from 23 European countries for 2014. Compiled by UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, these statistics were collected by fourteen official national bodies. Read more C yprus P arliament A pproves C asino B ill The Cyprus parliament passed legislation paving the way for a first-ever casino resort, with aim to boost tourism and employment on the island. Read more 4


P rofile of US R esident T ravellers V isiting O verseas D estinations in 2014 It appears U.S. travellers are widening their reach in terms of where they travel internationally. A higher percentage of U.S. travellers going abroad last year visited European destinations (35%). Read more C hina ’ s B ig -S pending T ourists P ause at S tores as Y uan D rops The Chinese tourists who have become a common sight in the world’s major cities fear their wings will be clipped if yuan devaluation develops into a deeper dent in their spending power. More than 100 million Chinese travel abroad every year, buying more luxury goods than any other nation. Read more 4 S trategies for R eaching the C hinese C on - sumer Slowing Chinese economic growth coupled with confidence-sapping tumult on the stock market have set alarm bells ringing

at companies about their future growth prospects in China. Read more

E nsemble H elps D efine the M illennial T raveller The Ensemble Insights Survey, which polled members of Ensemble Travel Group in the U.S. and Canada and analysed booking trends, confirms what anecdotal evidence has long suggested: For Millennial travellers, the quality of the vacation experience far upstages cost concerns. Read more V isitors F rom G ulf C ountries A re S aving S wiss T ourism T his Y ear The Swiss tourism industry has typically focused on welcoming European guests. The franc’s strength against the euro in recent years has forced establishments to change course and target visitors from elsewhere. The number of overnight stays by guests from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates almost doubled to 725,000 between 2011 and 2014. Read more 5


Y earbook 2014: C ritical T rends in D igital travel a compendiumofthecriticaltrendstransforming the global digital travel marketplace. The report covers overview of 2011-2015 global travel marketplace, mobile and online trends, but also digitally savvy millennials. Read more T ravelers C onsider F ree W i -F i T he M ost I mportant F actor I n C hoosing A H otel For business and leisure travellers alike, free Wi-Fi is still considered an absolute must in hotels around the world. A survey conducted by has found that 49 percent of business travellers consider free Wi-Fi a deciding factor when it comes to their choice of hotel. Read more 4 C harts T hat S how the G rowth of M obile S earch by L eisure T ravellers Compiled from several data sources, Bing looked at how search engine usage among Phocuswright Research presents

leisure travellers stacks up to brand sites and mobile apps. While search engines are more popular among leisure travellers, hotel sites and mobile apps have a higher percentage of use than online travel agencies with this group. Read more L ighting a B eacon SITA reported last month that 44% of airlines planned to install beacon technology over the next three years. Beacons are short-range location devices that typically interact with mobile devices. Currently only around 9% of airlines use them. Read more W hat M illennials W ant in M eetings Millennial meeting attendees value face-to- face networking at meetings and events just as much as the previous generation.Recognizing this, forward thinking industry stakeholders are implementing next generation meeting design and event technologies that are more aligned with Millennials’ generational preferences. Read more 6


IATA A ir P assenger M arket A nalysis June air passenger market analysis points to a 5.7% rise in global air travel in June compared to a year ago, a slowdown on the strong May increase of 6.9%. European carriers recorded a 4.1% rise in international RPKs in June year-on-year, which is also slower than their respective May increase of 5.7%. Read more EU A irport T raffic G rowth M ore than D ouble N on -EU R ate D uring H1 European airport trade body, ACI Europe released its traffic report for June, Q2 and H1 2014. The report includes all types of civil aviation passenger flights: network, low cost, charter and others. From January to end June this year, passenger traffic at Europe’s airport grew by +4.5%. Read more 98% of T ravel P rofessionals S upport USG O pen S kies P olicy released the results of a survey of 420 U.S. travel industry

professionals. The survey found that 97.6 percent of respondents indicated support for U.S. government Open Skies policy objectives and 90.2 percent agreed that the government should not give into U.S. airlines’ demands. Read more P assenger V oices on S ocial To show how insights from social data can be used to find key customer insights, the report used social media monitoring to look at the airline industry. This guide tapped into over 3 million posts across all major social networks, forums and blogs to better understand customer satisfaction. Read more 2014 A irline A ncillary R evenue L eaps to $38.1 B illion For the eighth consecutive year, airlines tracked by IdeaWorksCompany reported substantial increases in revenue gained from retail activities and the sale of a la carte services and frequent flier miles. Read more 7


R einventing the W heel : A D efinitional D iscussion of B icycle T ourism The relationship between cycling and tourism is increasingly attracting scholarly attention as cycling experiences a resurgence as a recreational, leisure and sporting activity. This paper critically examines existing definitions and proposes a technical definition of bicycle tourism aimed at facilitating more rigorous and consistent statistical measurements regarding this form of tourism. Read more EU P olicy on C limate C hange This At Glance brief provides short overview of European Union’s agenda in regards to climate change as well as it gathers recent studies by major international think tanks on EU climate policies and efforts to reach a cli- mate agreement in Paris. Read more S ustainable T ourism as D riving F orce for C ultural H eritage S ites D evelopment

very impressive. The publication discusses a common ‘Hit-and-Run’ Tourism problem, with tourists visiting the site for few hours to continue their travel to other destinations. This type of tourismgeneratesmainly negative impacts on the heritage sites. Read more C ommunity A gency and S ustainable T ourism D evelopment The study shows how economic, social and environmentally sustainable practices were made possible through community agency, the construction of local relationships that in- crease the adaptive capacity of people within a common locality. Read more UNWTO S ecretary -G eneral T aleb R ifai E ndorses GSTC Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) supporter Taleb Rifai recently endorsed the GSTC reinforcing the necessity and value of the sustainable tourism criteria in global tourism. Read more 8

Cultural Heritage in South East Europe is


A T ale of T wo T ravellers By looking at Rocket Fuel campaign data from multiple advertisers, Rocket Fuel were able to identify travellers booking different types of hotels—luxury and non-luxury. Conversion actions of those travellers made between their booking time and the start of the trip. The exercise looked at over 1.2 million con- versions from over 240 thousand unique trav- ellers. Read more M egatrends : T he F uture of T ourism Tourism is affected by social, political, economic, technological and environmental changes at all scales. Authors examine six large-scale exogenous trends for the global tourism sector over the next 30 years. Read more 2015’ s M ost E xpectation -R aising I nnova - tions Every CEO, entrepreneur, product design- er, and marketer wants to know where con-

sumers are heading. Most also know that the typical answer to this problem – traditional market research – is broken. These are the innovations that will change what customers expect from other brands and businesses. Read more 10% of Y anks and B rits C hoose A irbnb and H omestay - style L odging 10% of travellers using a “shared accommo- dation” type product is hugely significant. The number comes from a major study released by Phocuswright, which found that one in ten online travellers in the UK and US had rented a shared space in a private home or apart- ment during 2014. Read more P oly U S tudy F inds D aily S martphone U se S ubstantially I nfluences T ravel E xperi - ence The researchers argue that “understanding how the smartphone shapes the tourist expe- rience cannot be separated from the way it is used in one’s everyday life”. Read more 9


I s S ustainable T ourism an O bstacle to the E conomic P erformance of the I ndustry ? Sustainability has become an important strategic objective for tourism destinations worldwide. Debates on the progress, implications, and practicality of sustainable tourismremainopen.Therelationshipbetween economic sustainability, and environmental and sociocultural sustainability, is a central but largely unresearched area. Read more S ustainable T ourism : a C omprehensive L it - erature R eview on F rameworks and A ppli - cations This paper aims to study the progress of re- search on Sustainable Tourism and to outline and identify the key disciplines, journals, ar- ticles and authors. The five major topics are Paradigm, Sustainable Tourism Development, Market research and Economy, Policy-mak- ing, and Infrastructure. Read more M easuring S ustainable T ourism at the M u - nicipal L evel

The objective of this research is to provide a scientifically sound, applicable method for studying tourism sustainability at the local level. This is done by developing an indicator system based on an initial literature search that serves to compile a preliminary list of in- dicators validated by Delphi survey. Read more C ontributing to S ustainability as an E nvi - ronmental I mpact A ssessment P ractitioner Drawing on examples and experience from Southern Africa and Australia, practitioners are urged to raise the bar on day-to-day Environmental Impact Assessment activities that will push the vectors of sustainability. Read more R egular A ssessment of E nvironmental I m - pact and S ustainable T ourism in E urope To monitor and assess the impacts as well as the sustainability trends of tourist destinations and actors, the European Environment Agency (EEA) explores the possibilities of regular reporting mechnisms. Read more 10


G lobal D estinations C ities I ndex 2015

T ourism in the G reen E conomy

I ndicators of S ustaina - ble D evelopment

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A dditional R eports : OECD – G reen I nnovation in T ourism S ervices E uropean C ommission - M apping and P erformance C heck of the S upply of A ccessible T ourism S ervices T he E conomist - R isk S napshot - A ugust 2015 11

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