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Class Notes Please note that Class Notes submitted after Aug. I, 2003, will appear in the Winter 2004 issue of USO Magazine.

Newport Beach, Calif. He is enjoy– ing his fo ur grandsons, as well as traveling, wo rking out and raking long walks on the beach. 1963 UNDERGRADUATE ALUMNI Eloisa (Sanchez) Thompson plans co retire in October, after working at the UCSD Medical Cenrer fo r 28 years. She says she wanrs co enjoy spending time with her grandson, Joshua Miller, and maybe do some traveling. 1964 UNDERGRADUATE ALUMNI Anita Peterson is the senior librarian at R.J. Donovan Correc– tional Facility at Rock Mountain in San Diego. She says she travels for pleasure, and recencly went co Hong Kong and Bangkok. ... R. Lamar Scheuerman has been retired since 200 I. Now, he's volunreering co help re-open che railroad line co El Centro, Calif. , and the east. 1967 UNDERGRADUATE ALUMNI Carrie Cwiak (M.Ed. '72) and her parrner, Chad Huot, live in Aclanta. Carrie is an OB/GYN on facul ty at Emory University School of Medicine. She has just completed a fa mily planning clinical care and research fellowship, as well as a mas– ter's in public health in epidemiology at Emory.. .. Stephan A. DeSales celebrated his 34th anniversary with his wife, Madge, in August. His son, Matt, married in July and daughter Erin DeSales '94 married in September. Daughter Megan is a producer/director with MTV News in New York. Stephan says he's writ– ten a novel based on a 20-year-old unsolved murder case and he's hop– ing co have it published next year. He was engaged in criminal defense work fo r 33 years and tried more than 250 trials co verdict.


Terry Whitcomb recently joined the board of trustees of the Kramer Foundation. She also serves on the boards of the Timken Museum of Arc, the USO Alumni Association and the Palladian Society. She continues co lecture when not traveling and Aying co be with her 13 grandchildren. 1958 UNDERGRADUATE ALUMNI Elise McDowell Clark (M.Ed. '77) has six children and eight grandchil– dren and says chat her youngest son, Brian, was married in August in Phoenix, and is a photojournalist liv– ing in Washington state. Her oldest son, Jim Fitzgerald, lives in San Diego and has his own lnrernet business. She has three daughters in Colorado, and one in Virginia. Elise reports chat she is bei ng trained to do online indi– vidual education plans, known as I. E.P.s, and wi ll train ocher special education teachers in her district.


Dennis Halloran is a retired certi– fi ed financial planner, living on the bay in the Balboa neighborhood of



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