USD President's Report 2002

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' i ", A . , , �-- '1 -' /; ., ' . f('' 1 -. I fl' , , , 1 ' I ., · I Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer A k ey compo11em 10 every biorech compa11y i11 rhe thera­ pttrticsfield, researchers wr rhis powerful roof i11 the design and rymhesis ofchemical compounds as potr11tial 11ew dn1gs. Ir rrfleals the strucmrt and purity of organic mo/m,les, prorrins and 11urleic acids, and canfollow the progr,ss ofchemical reactio11S.

High - Performance Liquid Chromatograph Studems who go 011 ro work in biorech11ology compa11ies will wr equip111em idenrical ro this machi11rry, which allows researchers ro sepamu, ide11tifj and qua111ifj molemh

Interactive Art Exhibit The b11ildi11g fearum science in Smsurro1111d- rhe atrium will house an imeractive public arr projecr titled "Thr frptri111mr," desi g, 1ed by USD art Professor David Smith. Through 111otio11 derectors , cameras and LCD rouch-scrmr displays, visirors will see infor111ario11 abow rhe four science areas housed in the b11ildi11g-biology, dmnistry, physics, and marine and ,11vi­ ro11mmtal studies.

Geographic Information System ( GIS ) Laboratory Thr ulrimnre collaborarive roof, rhe GIS gear will be employed by scimce s111de1m ro plor ecospre,115 and layer rheir componems, showing where rh ey overlap and how rh ey affect each orher. 8111 rhe rysre111 easily can be used by polirical scimcr profeisors map­ ping political or socio-economic changes, bwiness s111dmts track­ ing supply rourrs or urba11 srudies studmrs a11alyzi11g rhr impacr of co1utrucrio11 and roads.

Strata Plaza Using rht scimce cemer garde11S, professors ca11 take m,dems 011 afi,ld cripjusr outside rhe door. A prehisroricgarden will show­ case plam ,volurio11, while natifle la11dscapi11g will provid, an obstrvarory to study relatio11- ships amo11g plants, a11i111als and imms. The Scrara P!112A, which il/11strates local geology using co11mre and natural marerials, will acr flJ a g,ology guid, and a primer 011 rhe regions rocks.

Modular Laboratories Fltxibility is k ey to th, scienct ctll/ers labs, desi g, 1,d in fl mod­ ularformat thar allowsfor easy rrconfig11ratio11 to accommodatt 11t1v activities, progra111 changes and uch11ical advanw.

L,iser Particle Sortcr This i11Scr11mmt a11alyus particles mspmd,d in sta wartr, and will b, ustd to txami11, stdimnus col/medfrom 11earby sires such flJ Mission Bay and San Diego Bay. a11dfar-fl1111g artflJ like th, Salton Sta and D,uptio11 Isla11d, Amarcrica.

Electron Microscopy Laboratory



Biow gy st11dt1mCOIi gtt up dost ,wd personal, ar tht wbullular ltvel, using a tra11Smission ,/,c­ tron 111icroscope (shown hrrt) to pm inside er/ls and srr changes in stmcturt and growth. A scan­ ning rleccro11 microscopt will be ustd to examine and phorograph r,:ttrior surfircrs ofbiological and g,ological specimens.

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