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2E Document Client goals (including measurable criteria) to determine the effectiveness of the interventions provided.



CM undertakes comprehensive assessment in partnership with Client to ascertain agreed Client goals and care plan.

No comprehensive assessment is completed by CM. There is no demonstrable link between the Client’s goals and the CM’s assessment.

CM explains goal setting and review processes to Client as per program/agency guidelines.

CM is unable to explain how goal setting and review processes were discussed with Client.

CM has well stated/documented goals, strategies, timeframes, responsibilities and outcomes.

Goals are not adequately constructed. Goals are absent/not recorded.

Client provides Client with a copy of the agreed goals/care plan including timelines for review and person responsible for actions.

There is no documentary evidence by CM to show that the Client has been given a copy of agreed goals/care plan.

Client works in partnership with the CM regarding responsibility to carry out actions to achieve goals.

All actions are the CM’s, regardless of ability of Client to contribute.

Self Assessment


Below satisfactory

Verified Assessment


Below satisfactory

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