Breastfeeding Relationship For many people, breastfeeding is a new experience. It is for the baby as well. As a new parent, you may tend to have unrealistic expectations of yourself and your newborn. Even though a baby can suck, swallow and breathe by reflex, they have to LEARN to eat. Please know that you both will learn together through trial and error. BreastfeedingWhen and How

Research has shown that babies placed skin-to-skin right after birth will instinctively crawl to the breast, become acquainted, latch on and begin suckling. This breastfeeding will generally occur within the first hour to two hours after birth. After this intense time you and your baby may fall asleep. Be sure you have someone in the room with you to make sure you both stay safe during skin-to-skin. Baby Led Feedings There are no set times to feed your baby. Instead, you will follow their feeding cues. Feeding times will vary throughout the day, and no two days will look alike. You may find that you breastfeed 3 hours after you started that last feeding. Sometimes it may be only one hour later. Your baby may feed 15 to 20 minutes on each breast – possibly shorter or longer. Your baby will let you know what they need. See page 18 for newborn feeding patterns in the first week.

Your baby is born with the instinct to suck. It is important for that suckling to be done at the breast in order to ensure an adequate milk supply and proper nutrition for your baby. If your baby sucks on a pacifier, their desire to suck can be satisfied. However, they do not get any nutrition from a pacifier, and your breasts do not get the stimulation they need for your body to make milk.


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