Side-Lying Hold Lie on your side and place pillows all around you to make it comfortable. (One behind your back, between your legs and under your head.) • Pull your baby close and facing you. • You can support your baby's back with your forearm or place a rolled towel behind their back if needed. This position allows you to rest while your baby nurses. It can also be beneficial in the early weeks if you had a cesarean birth or an episiotomy. Clutch or Football Hold In this position you tuck the baby under your arm. Place a pillow behind your back and along the side you are going to nurse on. This will help to support your baby and get their nose at the level of your nipple. • Your forearm will support your baby’s upper back and your hand will hold their head. • Your baby’s body and feet are tucked underneath your arm on the same side that your baby is nursing, so that their legs are behind you. • With this position you can use the other hand to help better position your baby’s mouth on your breast. Pillows can be used to bring your baby to the right level. • Your baby’s body should be in a straight line with their head. Support your baby’s shoulders, neck and head with the palm of your hand.

Side-Lying Hold

Clutch/Football Hold

Readiness is important. Before you start breastfeeding, there are “3 C’s” you should review with yourself each and every time.




Holding your baby skin-to-skin is very helpful to calm your baby in the early days after birth.

Sit in a comfortable chair with pillows for support and elevate your legs with a stool. This will take pressure off your bottom and help you feel more comfortable.

Hold and position your baby close. Have enough pillows to bring the baby up to the level of your breast instead of leaning over. Skin-to-skin contact will help them stay warm and interested in breastfeeding. Proper positioning and latch-on are the keys to successful breastfeeding.

If you have any concerns about how your baby is doing, call your lactation consultant or healthcare provider.


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