Baby is Satisfied

Signs of being full: • Sucking less vigorously, rapid nonnutritive sucking. • Becomes sleepy and relaxes body. • Opens fists. • Baby satisfied – falls away from the breast at the end of feeding. • It is important to listen for nutritive sucking. –– First 3 days may be difficult to hear swallowing. If heard, it sounds like a soft “Ca-Ca” or a soft expiration. –– After larger volume milk arrives, you will hear definite suck-to-swallow ratio changes.

Take cues from your baby; they will let you know!

Weight Gain Nearly all babies lose weight after birth. It is common for them to lose about 7% of their birth weight. As your milk increases they will begin gaining weight at about 4 to 7 ounces per week. Your baby should be back to birth weight by 10 days to 2 weeks. A follow-up appointment for a weight check within the first week of birth is recommended. Having your baby’s weight checked with a lactation consultant or your healthcare provider can provide you reassurance or identify challenges. Breastfeeding Tips Following these steps will help to ensure proper milk removal completely and regularly, increase milk production, reduce breast engorgement and nipple tenderness, and maximize infant weight gain. • Keep your baby interested and awake during feedings. • Offer both breasts each feeding; this helps stimulate milk production. • If your baby chooses to take only 1 breast at a feeding, you may need to express a little from the other side. • Alternate which breast you begin with at each feeding. This will help with proper milk removal of the breasts.

Nursing on baby’s cue stimulates your breasts to produce plenty of milk.


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