Nursing Strike A nursing strike is when your baby suddenly refuses to breastfeed or becomes very fussy at the breast. This most likely happens after they are 3 months old. It may last 24 hours or a few days. Sometimes the cause is not identified and parents really don’t know why this occurs. Some possible causes: • Mouth pain—from teething, thrush, a cold sore. • Ear infections.

Possible treatments: • Be patient. • Skin-to-skin contact. • Spend time with your baby, devote a day to snuggling. • Express your milk to keep your supply up. • Try giving your breast milk in a cup, spoon or dropper. • Breastfeed when your baby is sleepy. • Find a quiet place. • Rock or sway while holding them.

• Long separation from parents. • Major changes to their routine. • Distractions from those around them. • Low milk supply. • Increased supplementation.

Fungal Infections An overgrowth of the candida organism (yeast) can cause a fungal infection on the breast, nipple or in the baby’s mouth. It is often characterized by sore nipples that last more than a few days.

Symptoms The skin can be: • Pink or deep red.

Causes • Recent antibiotic use in mom or the baby (commonly given for GB strep + or C/S). • Steroids. • Diabetes. • Anemia. • Wet or plastic-lined nursing pads. • Cracked nipples with openings for the organism to get into during or after a feeding.

• Flaky. • Shiny. • Itchy. • Puffy. • Have blisters. You may feel shooting pains deep in the breast during the feeding or after a feeding. Hygiene • Change nursing pads often. • Wash clothing, burp cloths often in hot water. • Wear a clean bra everyday. • Wash your hands and your baby’s hands often. • Boil pacifiers, and pump pieces daily. Throw them away after a week.

Treatment • Meticulous hygiene.

• You can rinse nipples with 1 tablespoon of vinegar mixed with water and allow them to air dry. • Keep them as dry as possible. • Yeast thrives on sugar and dairy products in the diet. It may help to eliminate them for a while.

Contact your healthcare provider or lactation consultant about using anti-fungal creams or prescription medications.


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