Five to Seven Days Before Returning toWork • Plan for your first week back in order to minimize your duties outside of work. • Suggestions: – Freeze meals. – Stock up on groceries. – Plan with your partner to share the household responsibilities. – This may be a good time for a family member or friend to visit and help with some of the household duties. – If feasible, hire help for household chores. The Day Before Returning toWork • Pack baby’s bag with clothes, diaper, etc. • Cold thaw enough breast milk for expected feedings and take small frozen backup supply to caregivers. • Check your work bag for everything you need for pumping and storing at work. • Lay out everything that you can. • Enjoy a quiet evening at home with your family. • Go to bed early. Day One as an Employed Parent • Wake up early and breastfeed baby. • Hopefully, baby will doze off. • Dress and feed yourself. • Dress baby and pack car. • Arrive at child care and “top off” baby. • Pump 2 to 3 times at work. Refrigerate milk for use tomorrow. Evenings andWeekends • Commit to making the most of your evenings with your baby by breastfeeding as much as baby wants. • Spend quiet time snuggling. • Spend a few minutes re-packing your bags. • Attempt only direct breastfeedings on weekends—no bottles. • If you feel like you need to pump once or twice on the weekend to maintain your “reserve,” this is okay. The best time may be in the morning.


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