Preparing for Breastfeeding

There is very little that you need to do to prepare for breastfeeding. Your body has already done most of the necessary preparation. Prenatal suggestions: • If leaking colostrum , you may want to purchase breast pads. The pads may be either disposable or washable. Do not use a “mini-pad” or breast pads with plastic backing. They prevent air from being able to circulate and may cause nipple soreness. • Have someone knowledgeable about nursing bras help you purchase a well-fitting bra. • Be careful about underwire bras. The wires may place pressure on the ducts and cause a blockage of milk if not properly fit. • You may need to buy a bra that is 1 to 2 cup sizes larger toward the end of your pregnancy, although wearing a bra is not necessary. • Contact your insurance provider about coverage of breastfeeding support. • Avoid using soaps, creams or lotions on your nipples. Breast Size and Nipple Shape

Surround yourself with those who give positive encouragement.

Some people worry about their breast size, shape, or nipple type. Breast size is determined by the amount of fatty tissue that is in them. Milk is made in the glandular tissue of the breast, not the fat tissue, so breast size does not determine how much milk you can make. If you are concerned about your breast size or shape, contact your healthcare provider or a lactation consultant.

It is possible to have a nipple that is inverted (pointing inward) instead of pointing outward. Nipples can sometimes be flat and not protrude at all. Hormonal changes during pregnancy increase the skin’s elasticity, so flat or inverted nipples may protrude more after birth. Remember, babies breastfeed – they do not nipple feed. Proper positioning and latch techniques can help the baby latch onto the breast. Early and ongoing support and skilled breastfeeding assistance can help you reach your breastfeeding goal. If you have, or suspect you have, either inverted or flat nipples, talk with your healthcare provider or lactation consultant for advice. This should not discourage you from breastfeeding.

Normal Nipple

Flat Nipple

Inverted Nipple


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