Darell Dyal



Darell Dyal met the Lord as a young sailor, married Shirley after graduating from college in 1967, became the father of three, and had a business career spanning fifty-years in which he performed a wide range of assignments in engineering, marketing, and management. His most meaningful challenges were to establish high objectives, empower his teams to achieve them, and reward them for doing so. His fondest business memories have to do with helping many of those who worked for him to blossom and grow in their careers and lives. Even so, he worked to support his family. His personal joy was meditating in, obeying, and teaching the Word of God to individuals and groups. But, as the decades went by, he began to realize the church had drifted far from Christ’s commandments into a religion of its own making. And so, he began to write books with the goal of influencing church leaders and individuals to move more closely to the Bible’s ways. And now Dyal has arrived at grand moment: at the end of six years labor he has completed his book entitled, The Oracles of God . From the wealth of thousands of hours of study, he demonstrates that today’s church is far from God’s plan and is at grave risk. But, the book is not doom and gloom. It shows the way for its readers do the very thing they long to do; the very thing God calls them to do— become one with Him.

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