2022 Off-Road/Overlanding Mini Catalog


Creating more storage options and overall cargo space for your pickup truck, the ELEVATE RACK SYSTEM will help deliver maximum fun and adventure for all. Be it soft or hard, rolling or folding, this unique truck rack system allows for the installation and full utilization of many premium inside mount Truck Hero truck bed covers.

Part No. Description 1118570 Elevate FS Rack 1118513 Elevate CS Rack 1118414 Elevate TS Rails – 50” (Jeep Gladiator & Ford Maverick)

1118329 Elevate TS Rails – 56” long 1118358 Elevate TS Rails – 63” long 1118359 Elevate TS Rails – 72” long 1118360 Elevate TS Rails – 94” long 1118459 Elevate Tie Down Kit (set of 4) 1118469 Elevate Channel Guard (188" roll)

First, determine the right rack based on the truck type: • With a wider crossbar profile, the ELEVATE FS RACK can be paired with Full-Size trucks, Jeep Gladiator, Nissan Frontier and Toyota Tacoma • With a narrower crossbar profile, ELEVATE CS RACK can be paired with Ford Maverick, Ford Ranger, new Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Next, determine the length of the truck bed and required rail length: • The ELEVATE TS RAILS are available in a variety of lengths to fit a multitude of truck beds • Tie Down Kit (set of 4) included with Elevate TS Rails Please note that if your truck bed cover comes equipped with an integrated T-Slot channel, simply slide the ELEVATE FS or CS RACK directly onto the truck bed cover rail. The use of an ELEVATE TS RAIL will not be required.


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