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Chairman’s Parish Report 2015 – 2016 The Freighter Service will be at Kilpeck Hall on Saturday June 25 th 2016. This service is well used and it enables parishioners to dispose of large items which the normal refuse collection is unable to remove. I would like to thank our Lengthsman Mr David Roden for his work within our parish. He has also repaired and painted the Notice Boards. The Council continues its programme of work on the C and U roads. Cleaning out the ditches is already proving its worth with less surface water standing on the roads during heavy rain. The Council continues its quest to install a Speed Indicator Device within the speed limit area through Wormbridge. These devices can only be used within a Speed Limited area. The Council has now been told by Balfour Beatty that there has to be a traffic survey conducted before we can progress any further. This will of course come with a considerable cost to this Council. Balfour Beatty now empty the rubbish bins in lay-bys and during the first few weeks of the contract they had the rubbish bins removed without any consultation. This Council met a representative from Balfour Beatty to discuss the situation. We were told that it was thought the removal of bins would encourage people to take their rubbish home. It was hoped there would be less fly tipping. We pointed out the amount of rubbish in local lay-bys after only a few days along with some fly tipping the Council had asked to be collected.

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