Kent Handy



Kent Handy was born in Little Rock Arkansas in 1960. He graduated from Little Rock Hall High School in 1981. In the following year, Kent joined the Arkansas National Guard and served six years, at which time he was able to commit to Educational Testing Service in August of 1988. Around the year of 1998 Kent obtained a job position with the company Xerox. He maintained his employment there until the work in his department was sent overseas in 2001. That is when he began to have the vision of owning his own company. In the year 2005 Kent’s vision came to life and he became the CEO of his own record label known as, Authority Records. Despite the success that he was experiencing there was a pull on his heart he could not ignore, and he decided to leave the music business. It was during this time he knew he had to write his book entitled, The Dark Secrets of Woodruff County, after he had been searching the country for 30 years for justice. This true story is about the tragic deaths of his family caused by the Ku Klux Klan in March of 1984 while they lived in Augusta, Arkansas.

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